Gaining Team Members for Passive Income Building

One of the main areas that many people struggle with online is gaining team members. I used to struggle with it too, but now I have over 1000 team members on multiple sites and my teams never stop growing.

Team building is a skill that everyone who works online should keep trying to learn and improve. Without it you are going to struggle to make much money. When you do learn how to build large teams, like I have, then earning becomes very easy.

Lets look at a few simple figures:

Imagine you are doing ad clicks on Timebucks and only earning $0.10 per day. With just 1 team member you can easily earn a lot more than this, but lets say they earn you $0.10 of commission each day as well. Now instead of it taking 100 days to get $10 it will take 50.

If you have 10 team members all earning you $0.10 per day of commission its only going to take 10 days to get $10.

With 100 team members earning you $0.10 per day it will take you 1 day to earn $10 instead.

This is the principle that most online earning plans are built, and I want to teach you how to do it on complete autopilot (so your team constantly grows for you automatically).

I will personally be working on reaching the $10 per day from Timebucks target that I mentioned above – I would love to help you reach this goal as well! If you want to work on it with me please do let me know in the comments below so I can keep an eye on your progress etc.

Team Building on Autopilot

Team building really does not have to be hard work, and in fact the way I build teams means they just grow and grow without me doing anything now. Every single day I get new team members without me even knowing about it.

So how do I do it?

The thing that changed it all around for me was learning how to create an email list of contacts who are interested in working online. This is what I will be teaching you how to do. Its actually not as hard as you might think, and you can use free tools to get started with it as well.

To start working on building your email list you will need a tool called a lead capture page, but I will provide one for you and will teach you how to use it as well. To get the page I created you need to have an account on Leadsleap so you can import it.

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This is the Lead Capture Page I have Created:

To import this page into your leadsleap account use the code cNNNWVZnU

Importing the page into your leadsleap account is simple. Click on Page Manager, then add a new campaign. You need to give your campaign a name (I call mine Impossible $100K) and then just enter the code provided above into the import box. Hey presto you will have a copy of my Lead Capture Page in your account.

Create Email List

Next you need to create an email list where the details of your leads or email subscribers will be held for you. When people submit their details on the Lead Capture Page they will appear in your email list. If you don’t create an email list then there is no-where for the email addresses to be stored.

Again this is a simple process. Click on List Manager this time on the Leadsleap menu, and then add a new list. Give your list a name (I use $100K plan) and activate it. You will have to fill in your details on a form to do that.

Connect Lead Capture Page and Email List Together

The last step in this process is to connect your page and list together so the contacts go to the right place. To do this you need to take note of the list ID which you will see on the top of your list:

Open the Lead Capture Page editor next (click on launch editor button). When the editor is open click on List in the side menu and then enter the List ID number in the box. Save your work by clicking the green save button to the top right of your screen.

Gaining Contacts

After you have your lead capture page and email list connected, the next thing you need to do is promote your lead capture page. This is how you will get the contact details of people who want to work online.

Personally I love using traffic sites to promote my lead capture pages – I will share with you the places I use for promoting as and when I add my Lead Capture Page to each site. That way you can literally do the same as I am doing.

This forms the basis of an automated system that will help you to get team members – there is a bit more to add to have it all automated, but I will explain more about that in another post. For now, make sure you have imported the lead capture page and connected it to an email list as explained above.

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