About My 100K Online Earning Challenge!

Today I decided to start working on a new Online Earning Challenge.

The challenge is all about reaching $100K in my bank account, and not just earning it online, as the 2 things are not always the same thing.

I am starting with a brand new bank account which will be funded entirely from working online. I will provide updates of how much I have in this account as I progress.

Although this is a personal challenge, I will be encouraging and guiding others to do the same. The point of the challenge is to show that it is possible to earn and save $100K online when you start with nothing.

To help you understand the system that I personally use for building income online I have written another couple of blog posts which I recommend you read before starting this challenge.

Start with reading The Earning Funnel For Success so you get an overall picture of what we will be working on in the challenge.

Reading Overview of Plan So Far – The Pieces of The Puzzle Explained! will also help you to understand how each part we work on initially comes together into a coherent system.

Ready to begin?

First Steps

The first steps for this challenge are:

  • To start earning from zero using free to join accounts
  • To promote the free accounts to others to build higher level income
  • Work on a target of $10 initially
  • Build Earnings to $10 Per Day

Free Accounts

The free accounts I will be using to start this challenge are listed below (you don’t have to use them all – I have included a variety to allow for preferences and access issues):




Free Bitcoin


Please note that I do have alternative methods of earning your first $10 as well. Some of these will allow you to earn $10+ in a few minutes, but sometimes these have country or device restrictions.

See If any of these options work for you:

$10 Today & $250 Per Month Passive Earning

The New Bank Account That Gave Me Free Cash on Day 1!

Guidance & Earning Updates

In the following posts I will provide guidance on how to use each of these free accounts as well as my personal earning updates. I will also be posting details of how exactly I am promoting the sites so others can do the same.

Will you be joining in? Do let me know below so I can guide you forward and monitor your progress too!

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Alternatively, if you want to read the next post right now it is Getting Started With Free sites

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