Getting Started With Free sites

The free sites that I have chosen for this challenge provide a large range of activities which are available worldwide. I have used all of the sites for years already and know for a fact they pay and work worldwide too.

The main thing that I want to stress about these sites is you could literally spend all day using them and earn very little. Thats a situation we want to avoid. You should limit your time doing the paid tasks to about 1 hour per day and focus more on the team building side (which I will be teaching you how to automate as well). This is what will help you reach the high levels of earning later in the plan, and it is much more important than the free earning part.

During your 1 hour per day of earning cash using the free sites you can choose to work on the very simple tasks such as ad clicks, you can play games, watch videos, do surveys and paid tasks, post on social media etc. The options you choose to use for this challenge is up to you, personally I prefer to focus on the ad clicks with the occassional survey, and I like playing the games as well.

For those who struggle with surveys, you can still follow this system quite easily.

The main thing I want to highlight for this challenge is the power of building passive income. This means you will only do a small amount of work each day, but your earnings will grow and grow over time. You are not going to see massive earnings in the beginning, just $0.10 or $0.20 per day to start with is all you need. Those who are consistent and follow my plan each day WILL REACH HIGH LEVEL INCOME, those who do not follow the plan will not…..

The first steps we take are all about putting in a solid foundation for earning. This step is usually missed out by many people who try to go straight to high level earning systems, and that is why the majority of people fail. Take the time to put the foundations in place and you will never fail to build real income.

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