Income Versus Costs

When you work online, you will no doubt come across various paid opportunities. If, like myself when I started out, you basically avoid all paid opportunities like the plague, this post is going to be especially important, but it is highly relevant for everyone. It is all about being able to maximise profit by keeping any costs as low as possible.

For example, here is a sample of one of our leaders. Instead of paying out $20 a month for Leadsleap from her bank account, she used a single $25 payment (which earned) to cover the monthly costs.

By working in this way I know for a fact that she made a profit ALL THE TIME.

I have been asked to provide more info about this to help readers understand this clearly. I will provide you with a detailed breakdown of income verses costs for my plan which now covers her cost for Leadsleap below:

Planning to Cover Leadsleap Monthly Costs

She started working on free sites like Timebucks and earned $15.

She used that $15 to fund Omnirev PTC

Expense = $15

She purchased more ad packs directly from my Omnirev earnings each time I had $1 available.

She now earn $0.44 per day from Omnirev = Earnings of $13.20 per month. This is AFTER she withdrew the $15 which I deposited originally:

Fifteen dollars was deposited and $15.43 was withdrawn which = $0.43 profit in addition to earning $13.20 per month.

She deposited the $15 which she withdrew from Omnirev and put it into Ad Pack Share Club. Added was another $10 which earned on the free sites to this account. Of course You can fund this account before withdrawing from Omnirev if you choose to – this post is just explaining how it was done.
Total Expense = $25 – I have since withdrawn more than $25 from this account which again puts me into a profit situation.
I now earn $0.48 per day from this account as you can see below
$0.44 daily From OmniRev & $0.48 daily from Ad Pack Share Club = $0.91 per day of income.
Monthly Earning = $27.30 ($0.91 for 30 days)
Monthly Expense for Leadsleap = $19.90
Monthly Profit = $7.40
This level of profit is constantly increasing because I am still purchasing ad packs on both Omnirev and Ad Pack Share Club.
Today I added another $1 pack to Omnirev which brings my daily earning to $0.45 on there. Tomorrow I will reach another $10 in my Ad Pack Share Club account and I will purchase another pack on there too.
After I reach $10 per month of profit with this system I know I can cover the costs from another account that I want to add to my earning plan.
Basically I use this system of building daily earnings to cover EVERY expense I have in running my online business. By doing this I know that I am ALWAYS in profit.
It also keeps me focused clearly on what I need to do next – if I want to add a site that costs $25 or $50 a month then I focus on building my daily income to cover this cost FIRST.
I hope that helps to clarify and expand on the information I provided in my previous post. If you have any questions please do let me know below.


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