My Affiliate Marketing Success Strategy

Now I have started working on affiliate marketing as part of my earn $100K challenge, I thought it was time to discuss a strategy that will help my readers to make thousands of affiliate sales for themselves.

The strategy is one that I will personally be working on a one to one basis with My Serious Earning Squad Members. If you haven’t joined the squad yet you can request to be considered for joining on this blog post: My Serious Earning Squad

The strategy is simple, but it is something that most people struggle with achieving. This is why I will be working one to one with my earning squad to help them achieve it. I will also be providing step by step guidance for others.

The Strategy

The strategy is to get 100 people who want to work online to build high level income and add them to an email list and/or a social media group. This part is reasonably easy to achieve – I could do it in 1 or 2 days from scratch (without my current email list etc).

Next, teach those 100 people how to actually make money from zero investment. Here you are likely to get some resistance and will need to understand how to motivate people to do it. Some people will drop out here if you don’t know how to keep motivation levels up.

When you have 100 people who are making money on a daily basis thanks to your support and guidance, it becomes a lot easier to make affiliate sales. After all you know for a fact that you have 100 people who already have the money to make the purchase, right?

You also have 100 people who trust that you share strategies that actually work (because they are already making money thanks to you).

If you also teach those people how to make more money from the affiliate products you share with themthan they will ever spend on purchases, that will increase the number of sales you make substantially.

Imagine what it would be like to have 100 real buyers on your email list? People who not only willingly purchase again and again and again, but can’t wait to find out about the next product you promote!

This is what happens when you do affiliate marketing properly.

If you have any doubt about this ask yourself the question “Would I spend $10 if I knew exactly how to earn $100 or $1000+ from that purchase?”

Most people who want to work online will say yes to that question.

How To Do It?

Now I am guessing that most people reading this post would struggle the most with the last part of that plan. After all, how can you teach others how to make affiliate sales when you are not able to do it very well yet yourself?

The answer is to work with someone who does know how to do all those things…..and simply follow the guidance they provide.

I am writing the guidance in this blog so you can follow it step by step. For those who want additional support I can offer one to one guidance too.

First Steps

First you need to know how to earn from zero, so you can teach that to others. I provide guidance about working on this part of the plan in blog post: About My 100K Online Earning Challenge!

Make sure that you have joined some or all of these free sites – when you have 100 referrals all joining them its going to provide you with a decent amount of daily cashflow.

You also need to understand about my profit system. This is vital for your success online as it will keep your advertising costs under control while also making sure that you are always making a profit. You can read those blog posts here: Income Versus Costs and here: Monitoring Daily Cash Levels For Profit

Next you need to know how to get those 100 referrals who are active and engaged with your system. I have started teaching about that in blog post: My Plan For Gaining 100 New ACTIVE Team Members on Timebucks

Over the next few posts I will focus more on the gaining 100 active team members part of my plan. I will provide a copy of capture pages and emails I am using, as well as details of other options I am using. You need to have good offers to attract others, and I will provide those as well.

Then, and only then, will it be time to learn a lot more about affiliate marketing. Do not try to skip forward…… it will not work. You need the foundations in place first. Remember that the plan is built deliberately to help you get 100 active and engaged subscribers on your email list.

What You Will Get From My Future Blog Posts

As we progress I will be providing copies of emails and other marketing materials that I use for gaining affiliate sales, as well as other resources to make it as easy as possible for you.

I will tell you about all the best ways to find those 100 subscribers who become willing buyers too. For those on my Serious Earning Squad I will even be providing as many subscribers for you as I can manage.

I will also provide blog posts that can be copied and pasted with my full permission to do so. Posts that are proven to work to get a steady flow of affiliate sales.

In other words…… you will get a full copy of my personal system for success as an affiliate just by reading my blog posts.

So I have a question for you……Will you be reading my blog posts going forward?

Are you excited to learn EXACTLY how to make a LOT of affiliate sales?

Do let me know in the comments below! This way I can monitor your progress and provide individualized guidance too.

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