Overview of Plan So Far – The Pieces of The Puzzle Explained!

So far on our plan to earn $100K we have looked at a few options which can provide us with one off or small daily amounts through our own activity levels. These include:

Each of these is provided to give you a little cashflow to start you off with earning. They allow you to build a small cashpot which can be multiplied later (I will explain how to do that and I will be providing more of these faster earning options in later blog posts too).

These one off earning options are great, but for the $100K system what you really need to focus on initially is a very clear and effective strategy of increasing your daily income. We use the one off earnings to work on this so you don’t have to spend your whole day working on small tasks.

We will be working on 3 different ways to increase your daily earnings at the same time. This approach makes it practically impossible to fail in the mission to build daily income and is extremely powerful.

Option 1 = Using Your Cashpot

Using the earnings from your cashpot to build passive income that is paid daily will make it multiply over and over again.

For this I use and recommend OmniRev PTC and Ad Pack Share Club as the first sites to fund from your cash pot.

Option 2 – Team Building

By working on team building on at least 1 of the free earning sites we will also increase daily income. I will be working to reach 100 new team members on Timebucks and Cointiply at first, and will be using a fully automated system to do this.

You can start working on this part of the plan with a free account with Leadsleap. You can use the capture pages I have provided for you on these blog posts:

How To Earn $10 Per Day From Free Sites

Gaining Team Members for Passive Income Building

At first you will need to contact your subscribers manually when they join your email list. Then, when your daily income has reached the right level, this will pay for using the automated system. I will provide emails to help you with the automation process. In my next blog post I will also provide you with some example emails to send manually until you can afford the automation tools.

Just so you know, you will need $20 – $27 per month to pay for the upgrade on Leadsleap which provides all the tools you need to start your automation for team building.

I personally pay $19.90 per month for Leadsleap as I took a special offer deal – keep an eye out for the email from them, or upgrade within the first 7 days of joining to get this deal too.

Option 3 – PTC Sites

When you are working to automate your team building, then you will need to pay for additional advertising. Building the amount of advertising that runs for you 24/7 to higher and higher levels ultimately leads to more and more team members.

To pay for the additional advertising I like to work on PTC sites. This allows me to have the advertising costs covered before I even start using them.

I use NeobuxScarlet ClicksGPT Planet and Optimal Bux for this part of the plan. I use 4 PTC sites as this allows me to build my daily income much faster than using just 1. The more I earn with these sites, the more advertising I can pay for.

The more advertising I can pay for, the more team members I get, but it also allows me to promote affiliate offers, and anything else I choose to work on. It is this part of the plan that will allow me to reach $100K of earning.

Does This Daily Income System Make Sense To You?

In this post I have tried to be very clear about why I personally work on building daily income levels, and how I do it with the 3 different options at the same time.

It is important that you understand why and how to build your own daily income levels if you want to follow my personal system.

You can of course choose to fund the automation tools, and advertising without a daily income system in place, but in my opinion this is a big mistake. Having the structure of earning first keeps me very much on track and moving forward consistently. Advertising can be a very big drain on your finances without a system in place to cover the costs in advance.

Using a daily income system which I build in advance also means that I have very clear and much higher profits than other marketers. For example, instead of having an expense of $20 a month for Leadsleap, I paid just a single $25 to build daily income that covers it for me instead.

Please let me know below if you do understand the importance of building daily income, and how to do it as well.

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