How To Get Approval For Affiliate Offers

The majority of quality affiliate programs will not just accept anyone to promote their offers…… because they can have problems when people do not know how to promote correctly. This means that you can often get turned down if you are new to this industry.

That causes new affiliate marketers to get into a catch 22 situation. It also means a lot of new affiliates are stuck with promoting low quality programs……which leads to “affiliate death”. No people can’t actually kill you, but they can kill your reputation which is vital if you want to make consistent sales.

There are 2 main ways to get approval for affiliate programs:


Bloggers work on creating good quality content to help promote affiliate offers, and it is one of the most effective and recognized methods to use. Therefore, by creating a blog you will certainly increase your chances of being accepted.

As you probably know by now, I recommend using Global Domains International to host your blog (mainly as its pretty easy on the pocket at just $10 per month for a WordPress blog, and it is paid monthly unlike many other hosting companies who want you to pay for a year or 3 or even 5 years in advance).

You do not have to have a huge number of blog posts to qualify – as long as you have some quality content already that the affiliate manager can see, usually that is enough.

Email Marketing

The second way to get approval for many affiliate programs is to mention that you are already using email marketing to promote offers to your subscribers. Note that some evidence of this (such as lead capture pages on your blog) is often required.

Your Affiliate Application

Quite often to apply for an affiliate program you will simply need to send an email to the affiliate manager, or you might need to complete a form. For example to apply to become a Surveytime Affiliate you need to add your details here.

As the majority of my readers are working on creating both a blog and an email marketing list, this should be sufficient to get your application approved with Surveytime. If there should be any problems with getting approval, explain you are following my affiliate training and that should help.

(The mention of taking affiliate training courses is also a good way to get approval).

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