Full Overview of My 100K Plan

For those who wish to follow my $100K earning system this post will tell you what you need to do and when. I highly recommend you bookmark it for easy reference. You may also wish to consider joining my Serious Earning Squad for one to one support and guidance – details of that are provided here: My Serious Earning Squad

You should follow the steps in the order provided below. Note that I will add new blog posts to this overview, so check back here regularly.

The first steps are all about working on building your daily income levels to cover ALL ongoing costs such as account fees and advertising.

So you understand how this works I suggest you read Income Versus Costs first of all. You may also wish to read The Earning Funnel For Success

Step 1- Start earning using free sites.

This first step is all about creating a small amount of cash which is multiplied to much higher levels in step 2.

The list of sites I recommend can be found on About My 100K Online Earning Challenge! and Nice New Free Site Worth Joining

I highly recommend also reading Simple Free Crypto is A No Brainer!

These free sites will allow you to generate cash every single day by working for an hour per day doing simple tasks. The daily amount you earn is not really important here, consistency in earning daily is what you need to do. This is to get you to step 2 where the amount you earn is much more important.

You can also earn higher amounts of cash with various ‘cash spinner’ options but these will be a bit harder to complete, or may not work for everyone. Check out these blog posts:

The New Bank Account That Gave Me Free Cash on Day 1!

Easy $250 for Free?

Unlimited $25 Payments With Free Worldwide Account

I will keep adding additional options to this section as and when I find them.

Step 2 – Multiplying Free Cash

So you will always be able to work in a profit situation, and be able to pay all site fees and all advertising costs going forward, the next step is to use your small amount of free cash and multiply it.

Please read How To Earn $10 Per Day From Free Sites first of all, as this explains the 3 ways we will work on this part of the plan.

Also the following posts are relevant to this step:

Why You Should Join Neobux & Simple Earning Strategy That Works!

Monitoring Daily Cash Levels For Profit

Team building is a big part of the plan, and will be automated. For specific information about that check these posts:

My Plan For Gaining 100 New ACTIVE Team Members on Timebucks

A Very Simple and Effective Way To Earn $10,000

Earning $10,000 with Cointiply

Step 3 – Building Trust

For your automated team building plan to work, you need to focus on building trust. We do this by allowing your followers to monitor your own progress with the plan. In addition we work on raising your status as a marketer.

This is where your own blog comes into play, and you will find it MUCH harder to progress without one (I will provide copy and paste blog posts to help you with this step as well.) You will find step by step guidance on setting up a blog here: http://presstheword.ws/step-1-to-start-a-blog-choose-a-platform/

You should post regularly about your own experiences (both good and bad) and show clear progress.

Examples of me doing this are provided on the following posts:

The New Bank Account That Gave Me Free Cash on Day 1!

Personal Progress To $100K

Making Progress with Revolut Referrals

I will keep adding more posts to this section as I progress myself.

Step 4 – Highest Level Earnings

There are multiple income streams in this plan and with each step your income will build to higher and higher levels…..as long as you follow the plan.

My ultimate goal is to show you how to reach $100K of earnings of course, but also an ongoing $10,000+ per month.

Only those who follow the steps and take consistent action will make it to the highest level earnings….. and I really hope that includes you. I have written this blog specifically to guide EVERYONE who wants to succeed online.

To build high level income we use professional systems of marketing, focus on automated team building on multiple sites, and making regular affiliate sales to reach these higher levels.

Relevant posts for this section include several already mentioned in earilier steps……so do read those as well as the ones mentioned below. Trying to skip forward will NOT work…..but you are welcome to try if you want to.

You should also read:

My Affiliate Marketing Success Strategy

I am still writing more posts for this section as I have just started working on it for myself.


The more feedback I get about this system the better and easier I can make it. Please do let me know below if anything is not clear or is hard to follow.

Let me know as well if you are making progress with this system or if you get stuck anywhere.

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