How To Earn $10 Per Day From Free Sites

When working on my personal challenge of earning $100K, the way I will be doing it is to create much smaller earning goals at first. This keeps me motivated and allows me to focus my attention on specific sites. It also helps to prevent overwhelm and confusion of working on such a large target.

The first goal I am working on is to earn a single $10 using the free to join sites I mentioned in my first blog post, this is really simple for me – I just need to do some ad clicks and surveys. To be honest I could earn $10 in one day, but it would take me several hours to do it. I prefer to have a daily routine that takes me about 1 hour instead as it is sustainable, when working all day every day is certainly not for me.

Next I want to develop a system that earns $10 per day WITHOUT spending all day online. This target is a little more difficult and is going to take a bit more work. However everyone can achieve this goal when they know how to do it.

There are three main ways I will be working on the $10 per day goal:

  • Using funds earned on free sites to build passive income
  • Team Building
  • PTC sites

Working on these 3 methods at the same time means that I create a NO FAIL approach. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get enough team members to reach my goal, because the other options will still work.

Using the 3 different methods at the same time will help me reach my target of $10 per day much faster than just using 1 of them as well.

Using Funds To Build Passive Income

This approach means that I start to use the small amount of cashflow, that is generated from my own activity levels on the free sites. I will use 3 different sites for this (links provided below if you want to join them):

Omnirev – Min deposit is $2 and purchase packs cost $1 each.

Ad Pack Share Club – Min deposit is $10 and purchase packs cost $10 each.

Better Bits – Min deposit is $10 and purchase packs cost $10 each.

I have been using each of these sites for over a year already and know they pay ok. I believe these sites are much more stable than other similar programs because of how they are run as well.

Team Building

For those who find it difficult to earn through their own activity levels (due to a lack of surveys for example) this option is going to make earning a lot easier. I will be setting up a specific system for automated team building for my $10 per day goal and I advise you copy this method.

I will be using this lead capture page:

Use code XXZWbGkU to import this form

To get your own copy of this page you will need an account with Leadsleap. You can then use the code above to get your copy of the form.

Click Here To Join Leadsleap

I will be setting up completely automated advertising to promote this page – I will provide more details on how to do that in another blog post.

PTC Sites

The last method I will be using to reach $10 per day of earning is PTC (pay to click) sites. I will be adding rented referrals to my accounts to constantly build daily income levels.

I will be using the following sites for this (join using the links below if you want to follow my plan):


Scarlet Clicks

GPT Planet

Optimal Bux

I have been using PTC sites for years and will provide step by step guidance on how to build each of these PTC accounts as well. Over time you will reach $10 per day from each of them by clicking 4 – 8 ads daily.

If you have any questions about these accounts please add a comment below – I will reply ASAP!

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