My Serious Earning Squad

I have decided to work on supporting 100 people on a one to one basis to follow my $100K earning plan.

The number will be capped at 100 as I cannot manage to work with more than this number of people one to one each day.

The Serious Earning Squad, will be focused completely on building high level income ASAP, and we will be doing so by using free earning sites initially as outlined in this plan. We will also be working on each person reaching 100 active referrals together.

Each person who joins must also be willing to pay for upgrades on a few sites AFTER they have earned the funds to do so. This is vital for the plan to succeed.

Obviously $100K of earning is not going to happen overnight……getting 10,000 people to work on this plan is a huge task….. but it will provide these students with daily guidance and support to reach $100K of earning over time. Income will build continually and consistently using my system.

I am really excited and committed to working on this plan.

I may open access to the plan again later when the current students are confident and self directing.

If you are interested in joining in with this plan add a comment below. I will contact each person to make sure they understand the committment and what will be involved.

Not everyone who comments will be accepted…… I will be working only with people who can prove to me they are serious and able to follow my earning plan.

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