My Daily Promoting Routine

When working online you have to learn how to promote effectively to gain a steady flow of leads into your business. Without doing that, earning is much harder and more time consuming than it needs to be.

I have been working online for more than 10 years now, and the one thing that I wish I had learned much earlier is how to promote effectively. It is something that most people appear to have a problem with at some point.

To help reduce the frustration levels that often accompany learning how to promote effectively, I am sharing my own daily promoting routine today. This routine has worked for me now for many years.

Before you start promoting it is essential that you are using a capture page system in my opinion. Not using a capture page is the main mistake that people make online. This is why I have provided a 100% free method of using capture pages to help you get started.

First Steps

To start working on your daily routine for promoting I highly recommend using the first 4 sites that I suggest below. Not only are they some of the most effective traffic sites I have found online, but you will be able to earn upgrades just for using these sites as well. This gives you a solid foundation and allows you to move into using paid advertising which is much more effective than free ads.

Remember to ALWAYS promote your capture page when using these sites to maximize results.


Leadsleap is the first traffic site I recommend. It is a true marketing machine, and learning to use it effectively will make a huge difference to your success levels. It is a massive site with a lot of tools but don’t let overwhelm put you off using it. Its quite simple to use when you know how.

After joining the first thing you should do is import my capture page (instructions here) and then create an email list (instructions here). After that you should add your first advert. As a free member you will have 3 free ad spaces – add the same advert to all 3 slots.

Click Here For Instructions About Adding Your Advert To Leadsleap

Daily Routine – Log in and surf 10+ pages (the more you surf the more ad credits and cash you will get. Do this even if you have upgraded.

Work on this consistently and you can earn your way to a pro upgrade which will fully automate your advertising for you.

Infinity Mailer Boost

The second site I recommend you use is Infinity Mailer Boost. With this site you should also login daily and read at least 10 emails per day. The more you read the more ad credits and cash you will get. Do this even if you have upgraded to maintain your 80% commission rate.

Work on this consistently and you can earn your way to an upgrade which will allow you to send an email each day.

Infinity Traffic Boost

The next site I recommend for your daily promoting routine is Infinity Traffic Boost. It is the sister site of Infinity Mailer Boost and works in the same way. On this site you surf pages instead of reading emails, but you should aim to surf at least 10 ads daily here as well.

Just like Infinity Mailer Boost, the more you read the more ad credits and cash you will get. Do this even if you have upgraded to maintain your 80% commission rate.

Work on this consistently and you can earn your way to an upgrade which will allow you to increase the number of adverts you have running for you on autopilot.

Website Traffic Rewards

The next site I recommend you work on every day is Website Traffic Rewards. On this site you will earn either $0.10 or $0.20 per day just for logging in. If you also read the emails from the credit mailer you will add extra ad credits to your account AND you can win cash and extra advertising too. Keep an eye out for the winner notification at the top of the page you have opened.

Building Momentum

It is vital that you work on building momentum when you are promoting by using traffic sites, but in my opinion this is done in completely the wrong way by most people. There is a temptation to try and add your advert to as many different traffic sites as you can to build momentum, but not only does this take a lot of time and effort, it can dilute your results as well.

Instead of using this novice approach, I recommend working on slowly building your traffic levels up using a much more sustainable method.

The method I use is to work on getting referrals for each of the four sites above. This brings in a constant flow of commission which pays for the upgrades on each of the four sites AND provides an overflow of commission too. In other words I earn more back from each site than I use to pay for the upgrades.

Using this overflow of commission I then add an extra traffic site to my routine. I can pay for the upgrade immediately from my commission earned, BUT I personally prefer to test sites before upgrading. I like being more selective about which sites I pay for, so I focus on testing 1 or 2 sites each day as well as using the sites above. This allows me to create a daily routine that is not overwhelming or chaotic. It is very achievable and structured instead.

The first site I recommend you add to your existing daily routine above is Herculist. You can use this site daily to send emails even as a free member. Use it daily and track your results so you can test which email is working best for you.

Personally I have now upgraded on Herculist as I have been getting consistent results promoting on there each day for free.

Extra Advertising

As I just explained I DO NOT follow the principle of getting my advert out to as many sites as possible, and I prefer to work on a quality over quantity approach. The only exception to this rule that I have is when you can add your advert to a site for free and use promo codes to save time trying to earn credits.

I am currently adding a list of promo codes to Elite List Building as and when I find them. I am also providing extra promo codes in my emails for the Simple Success System (which you can subscribe to inside ELB). Only by reading my emails will you also be able to import additional capture pages that I have created to increase conversion rates from using specific traffic sites. I provide a LOT more guidance about building momentum and using traffic sites effectively within those emails as well!


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