Automated Traffic For Unlimited Referrals

The one thing that everyone who works online really needs to learn how to do effectively, is automated traffic.

When you know how to do this well, you can literally sit back and watch your income grow consistently.

For those who are following my $100K challenge, automated traffic is going to be a big part of the plan. If you haven’t joined Leadsleap yet then now is the time to do it – this is the first site we will be using to start building your automated traffic levels.

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You can start to work on this plan with a free Leadsleap account if you haven’t built your daily earnings to cover the costs yet, but you will have to manually earn the traffic. For those who have upgraded you will have fully automated traffic coming from 20 different ads when we are done setting these up.

Free account members should read this post to work on building income to upgrade ASAP: Income Versus Costs

Step 1 – Lead Capture Page

The first step in the automated traffic process is to create, or import a lead capture page into your Leadsleap account. Personally I like to keep my lead capture pages very simple and to the point.

This is what my 100K capture page looks like:

This page has already been working for me to create a steady flow of new referrals into my $100K system.

To import a copy of this page into your Leadsleap account use code: cNNNWVZnU (Click on page manager, then add new campaign, name it and then choose import option to use this code).

I will add a video to this page ASAP which shows you how to do this.

Step 2 – Email List

The next thing you need to do is to connect your lead capture page to an email list. The leads that you collect will be stored in this list.

To create an email list in Leadsleap, click on List Manager, add new list, and name it. You will have to complete a form with your details to activate this list.

Again, when I have created the video guide it will show you how to do this part as well.

When the list is activated you can connect it to your Lead Capture Page. To do that launch the page editor, then choose list in the side menu. Click on the get List ID button and choose the list you just created from the drop down menu.

To check if your page and list are connected properly you should enter your own email address in the lead capture page and if it appears in your email list you know it is done correctly.

Step 3 – Welcome Email

Free members of Leadsleap will not be able to complete this step and can progress to step 4. Upgraded members should add a welcome email to their automated system.

To do this open the list manager page and click on the single envelope icon as shown below:

Click Here For Guidance About Writing A Welcome Email (Example Provided)

Step 4 – Advertising

Next you should add your lead capture page to Leadsleap advertising section. If you have a free account then click on Post Credit Ads, and if upgraded use the Pro Ads section.

You will need to complete a short form about the ad you wish to place. Here is a screenshot of my ad:

Click the save and submit button when you are ready for your ad to go live, or use draft option if you prefer to work on it more later.

Next Steps

If you have a free Leadsleap account you will need to view other members ads to earn ad credits before others get to see it. If upgraded your ad will start to be seen immediately and will only stop when you pause or delete your ad.

If you have an upgraded account on Leadsleap, you should also start to add follow up emails to your email manager.

I will discuss this in a new post.

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