Done For You Free Earning Ad Campaign (Emails)

As I said in my previous post, knowing how to create an effective ad campaign is the main reason that professional marketers make a lot more money than people just starting out in this industry. To help offset this barrier to success I have created a completely done for you ad campaign that I have tested a lot and I know to be extremely effective. The campaign includes a capture page that is designed to attract a free to join target audience, and multiple follow up emails.

To get a copy of the capture page I have created please follow the instructions on this post: Done For You Free Earning Ad Campaign

In this post I am providing the instructions to get a copy of my emails.

Remember this ad campaign can be adjusted to help you build a team on ANY earning website that you choose. I will explain more about how to adjust the campaign to suit the site you want to promote in another blog post.

To use my ad campaign yourself you will need to have a paid account on Leadsleap. The import emails feature is no longer available for free members.

Please click this link to join Leadsleap if you have not already got an account.

Follow these simple steps to get a copy of my ad campaign emails:

Step 1

After joining Leadsleap you will need to navigate to the List Manager Section of the site first of all. Clicking the List Manager link just provided should take you straight to the correct place, or you can click on list manager on the site menu. On the List Manager section click on the blue add a new list button as shown below:

Step 2

When you click the add new list button a form will pop up for you to name the campaign that you are about to create. Add a name such as Free Earning Campaign ( I advise using the same name as you used for your capture page) and click on the blue add now button:

Step 3

When you have added a new list you will see it on the list manager page as shown below. You need to click on the Activate List Button first:

Step 4

Another pop up form will appear where you need to fill in your own details and request an activation code:

After you have received the activation code enter this into the box on the pop up form. Complete the other details, then tick the agreement box and click save and activate button. Note that you MUST add a REAL address to comply with the law:

After your list is activated you can now import a copy of all of my emails for this campaign. To do this click first on the double envelope icon and then on the import button:

To get a full copy of my emails for this ad campaign you will need to use the Share Code xsGWNwVw and click on Import Now button. This will import my emails into your Leadsleap account.

I am constantly adding new emails to this campaign so use this import code frequently to make sure your email campaign is up to date. Use the Add to existing episodes feature to avoid losing your own edits on emails already imported.

Add A Welcome Email

For your campaign to work correctly you will need to add a welcome email which is sent to your email subscribers as soon as they register and confirm their email address. To do this click on the single envelope icon as shown below:

A new page will open with 2 sections. The first section is the Welcome Email and you need to click the little pencil icon to set this up. DO NOT touch the Verification Email section unless you know what you are doing.

When you click the pencil icon it will open the email editor box which looks like this:

Here is a copy of the welcome email I suggest you use. Just copy it into the email editor boxes as directed.

In the Subject Box delete the text already there and enter this subject instead: So You Want to Earn $1000 Over and Over?

In the Email Body Box delete the text already there and enter this email instead:

Welcome to this extremely effective earning system.  It has been created by Randall Jenkins who has over 10 years experience of working online, and has helped thousands of people to earn a real income online.  Should there be a different name at the end of this email it is because this system is shared with others to help them be successful online as well.  If you want to copy it too (and I recommend you do) then you will find the instructions here:

Now how does the system work? 

Earning $1000 online really doesn’t have to be complicated, you just need to follow a simple system or strategy that actually works!

This system has paid me (Randall Jenkins) $1000 over and over again AND has also gained me over 500 team members on one site, and over 1000 on each of 20+ more sites.  

It is Free, Simple and it Works for All. 

This system is designed specifically to help you with earning on MULTIPLE earning sites at the same time, without it taking a lot of time and effort.  You can adjust the system to make it work for building practically ANY earning site online (more about how to do that in later emails).  

For now you need to know that the FIRST part of the plan will teach you and your team how to promote effectively and how to create cash flow without spending a penny you have not already earned online.  DO NOT try to skip over this or the system will not work….. 

The income potential is MASSIVE ($10,000+ to $100,000+ level) BUT you need to follow the plan properly for it to work.  Note that earning will start slowly at first – This is NOT a get rich quick scam, if you want to lose money trying to make money fast then look elsewhere. 

Within these emails you will find 10 different earning plans that are proven to reach $1000.  Each of these earning plans use a simple approach that everyone can follow and replicate.  They basically provide you with a blueprint for success online.  

These are REAL earning systems that I (Randall Jenkins) have created from scratch using my knowledge gained by working online for over 10 years.  There is no hype, no false promises and I tell it how it is.  

Follow one of these systems and you will earn $1000, follow all 10 and you will earn $10,000.  Keep using what I teach and you can make $100,000+

These systems work for everyone who follow them properly, so the choice is yours.  Listen to what I have to say or don’t – it makes no difference to me, but it WILL make a big difference to you.  

System 1 (Building Cash Flow and Automated Traffic)
This is broken down into 3 main steps: 

Step 1 = Turn $0 into $10
Step 2 = Turn $10 into $100
Step 3 = Turn $100 into $1000

For Step 1 we will be using Website Traffic Rewards as this site works for EVERYONE when you follow my guidance.  

Join Website Traffic Rewards Here:

Register today and you can start making money DOING NOTHING.  
More info about how that works in tomorrows email, so keep an eye out for that. 

In the rest of my emails I provide extra earning systems as well as lots of tips and information about how working online actually works.  I recommend reading them so you can develop your earning skills.  I will teach you things like how to get unlimited numbers of referrals the easy way, how to get ACTIVE team members, how to sell affiliate marketing products successfully, how to build a team on ANY earning site you choose, and much much more.  

I am sure you will find the information I provide extremely useful, but if you don’t enjoy my emails for any reason do take a moment and unsubscribe from my email list. 

In the last box where it says Preview Text, just delete the text from there.

Click the save changes button and your welcome email is ready to go.

Connect Capture page with Email List

Now you need to return to the page manager section so we can link your capture page to the email list you have created. To do this click on the launch editor button as shown below:

On the page that opens there will be a highlighted notification telling you to click on the Invalid ID box.

In the pop up section click first on blue get list ID button, then click on the List ID of the earning campaign you created. I called mine Daily Guide to Earn $1000.

The list ID number will automatically be updated in the enter list ID box.

After doing this you MUST save the update by clicking on the green save button on the top right of the screen:

Congratulations you now have an advertising campaign that will be sent to your subscribers automatically.

Check The System Works

To make sure that your ad campaign has been set up correctly I highly recommend being your own first email subscriber. To do this simply click on the link that is showing on your Page Manager ad campaign section and enter your own details in the subscriber boxes. You should immediately get an email to confirm your subscription. Click the link inside and you will be sent the welcome email that you copied into the system

Update Your Referral Links Inside the Emails

It is important that you DO NOT share your capture page until you have checked and updated the emails for this campaign. You need to change the referral links inside to your own links so they build your accounts for you.

Note that with a free account on Leadsleap you can only use the find and replace option. To be able to edit the entire email to your own choice you will need to have an upgraded account on Leadsleap.

To use the Find and Replace option simply look though the emails and find any referral links I have added. I have kept these as the full link to make it easier for you to find them. Enter the full link as copied from the email in the find box then click the Find ALL button. After searching enter your own ref link in the replace box and click REPLACE ALL button.

In the example below I searched for my Timebucks Ref Link and you can see it has found 10 matches. Enter your own ref link for Timebucks in the replace with box and click replace all button for all of these ref links to be updated to your link.

After you have updated the emails with your own referral links then the ad campaign will work on autopilot to build your team for you. This is what keeps increasing your earnings when you are consistently promoting your capture page on traffic sites.

In my next blog post I will be providing you with the instructions of how to use this system to promote ANY site, or ANY affiliate product you want.

In the meantime….. Happy Promoting and Earning!


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