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One of the main problems that people face when working online, especially as a beginner, is knowing how to create an effective ad campaign. Its a skill that is learned over time and most definitely places the professional marketer at a distinct advantage.

When it comes to creating an ad campaign there seems to be a lot to learn at first, and this puts most people off. Yet having an effective ad campaign can really make the difference between success and failure.

To help offset this barrier to success I have created a completely done for you ad campaign that I have tested a lot and I know to be extremely effective. The campaign includes a capture page that is designed to attract a free to join target audience, and multiple follow up emails.

This ad campaign can be adjusted to help you build a team on ANY free earning website that you choose. I will explain more about how to adjust the campaign to suit the site you want to promote in another blog post.

To use my ad campaign yourself you will need to have a free account on Leadsleap – no upgrade is required to use this system. The free account will provide you with everything you need for your ad campaign.

Please click this link to join Leadsleap if you have not already got an account.

Follow these simple steps to get a copy of my ad campaign:

Step 1

After joining Leadsleap you will need to navigate to the page management section of the site first of all. Clicking the page management link just provided should take you straight to the correct place, or you can click on page manager on the site menu. On the Page Manager section click on the blue create a new campaign button as shown below:

Step 2

When you click the add new campaign button a form will pop up for you to name the campaign that you are about to create. Add a name such as Free Earning Campaign and click on the blue add now button:

Step 3

When you have added a new campaign you will see it on the page manager page as shown below. You need to click on the Add A New Page Button in the middle of the campaign section:

Step 4

Another pop up form will appear where you can choose to add a blank page or import using a Share Code. To get a full copy of my ad campaign you will need to use the Share Code ftdNkXU and click on Import Now button. This will import my capture page and emails into your Leadsleap account.

Just after you import the page you will see a message saying this list does not exist, just ignore this for now because we will be creating the list in a few moments.

The capture page that you have imported into your Leadsleap account looks like this:

To check you have imported the page and it is ready to use simply click on the link that is showing on your ad campaign section:

The link provided on your campaign section is the one that you share on traffic sites to get subscribers to your email list. Should the link not work check that the status of the page is showing as active (bottom right corner). If it says inactive simply click the arrows to activate your page and check again if the page is showing when you click the link.

Connecting Page to My Free System

When you use a capture page like the one provided it is very important that your subscribers are sent regular emails to help them follow the system correctly. This is what will help you gain referrals who are actually active on the earning sites.

Leadsleap does allow you to send emails to your subscribers, but without paying to upgrade this is quite limited. So we can work around this issue, I have added automated emails to my website Elite List Building. (Should you wish to use the paid option for Leadsleap please go to the next section).

To use this free system you need to connect your capture page to Elite List Building with your own referral link (so your leads become your team members on there as well). To do this log in to Elite List Building and navigate to the affiliate tools section. Copy your referral link as shown below and we will connect this to your capture page.

After copying your ref link from Elite List Building you need to open the capture page editor on Leadsleap. Go to the page manager section and click on launch editor button:

On the editor page click only on the list section in the side menu. This will open a page with a redirect box where you should paste your referral link for Elite List Building. Don’t forget to save the change by clicking the green save button at the top right of the page.

When you have updated this inside your capture page your subscribers will join your team on Elite List Building. I can then send the automated emails on your behalf which will guide your team members on what to do.

Using the Paid Option for Emails

If you prefer to pay for the upgrade on Leadsleap, or are already upgraded to a Pro account on there you can import my emails direct to your account.

It is important that you DO NOT share your capture page until you have checked and updated the emails for this campaign.

Please click here for instructions on importing the emails that go along with this capture page and campaign.

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